There's no place like home.

Home for myself is the south. It's simplicity and beauty inspires me. From an early age, creativity was encouraged by the southern women in my life - my mother and grandmothers especially. Inspiration was found all around. It happened while baking in the kitchen, exploring in the woods, and even in the country church services. Creativity for myself has taken many forms over the years.

In 2016,  I discovered the art of chalk lettering and fell in love. With chalk dust covered hands, I later began to experiment lettering on other surfaces. This creative outlet led me to start Marigold Lettering Co. 

Each design is created with a desire for you - the dreamer - the minimalist - the sentimentalist - the one who wants to give a little kindness to the world. A desire that through each hand lettered piece purchased, you might pass along a bit of encouragement - give remembrance to your sweetest moments - and bring hope to the place you call home.