Dear Friend,

Have you ever stepped inside the home of a family member or friend and instantly felt welcome?  As you quietly open the front door, you are met with the smell of fresh brewed coffee. You listen, hear the wood crackling in the fireplace, and see candles burning dimly on the mantle. There's a sense of comfort as you see your hostess smile and sit a plate of fresh baked cookies on the table. These are just a few simple details that make us feel inspired, comforted, and even at home.

I want to offer you these same feelings through handlettered goods. Each product is designed with you in mind. Perhaps you need a gift idea or a print to decorate and cozy up your home? Will we be celebrating your engagement or wedding? Even the simplest of details are recognized around here. If I have missed an occasion or memory you're celebrating, please contact me and I'll be glad to customize something for you. When you purchase a product from Marigold Lettering Co, I pray you experience the same encouragement and comfort from a place I like to call home.

Home for myself is the south. It's simplicity and beauty inspires me. From an early age, creativity was encouraged by the southern women in my life - my mother and grandmothers especially. Inspiration was found all around. It happened while baking in the kitchen, exploring in the woods, and even in the country church services. Creativity for myself has taken many forms over the years, beginning with hand embroidery at 9 years old - remember the simple details! 

In 2016,  I discovered the art of chalk lettering and fell in love. The grace in which a piece of chalk offers to an artist can not be ignored. Many chalkboards later, I began to experiment hand lettering on other surfaces, including wood and paper. The journey has now led me here to you. I am so grateful to have you with me on this adventure. Head on over to the products page and you'll discover a little more of me, and in return I hope you find a small piece of home

Love, Jessica